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Keep Alan Bennett as

474th District Judge

Support the continued tenure of Alan Bennett, a seasoned and highly regarded judge serving the 474th district, to ensure the preservation of justice and expertise on the bench.

Practicing law in McLennan County

32 Years Experience

Judge Bennett’s experiences as a civil litigator prepared him to preside over civil jury trials. His experiences in representing accused persons equip him to preside over the juvenile court. His work in family law enable him to preside over the family law cases that comprise much of the court’s docket.

Judge Bennett’s Background

  • Started at Baylor in 1983
  • Licensed in 1990
  • Experience working with the DA for 6 years, Appellate Court staff attorney for 14 years, Private practice for 12 years, Civil litigation, Criminal defense
  • Experience with both state and federal courts

Waco Court of Appeals denies first mandamus petition filed against Judge Bennett

Updated 6 months ago

A mandamus petition is when a party seeks a preliminary decision from the court of appeals before a trial judge has rendered a final judgment. Here, the Waco Court of …

Waco Court of Appeals Affirms First Jury Verdict in Case Presided Over by Judge Bennett

Updated 7 months ago

The Waco Court of Appeals affirmed the jury’s verdict in the first jury trial presided over by Judge Bennett. The jury had convicted George Anthony Spratt of human trafficking and …

Third Jury Trial in 474th District Court and Sixth for Judge Bennett

Updated 7 months ago

Judge Bennett presided over the third jury trial heard in the 474th District Court (the sixth jury trial he had presided over) in a custody dispute between divorced parents. The …